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Food Hermetica is dedicated to providing easy-to-understand nutrition advice with information sourced from reliable evidence-based research.

The information presented adheres to health professional ethics, best practice and industry standards.

The term ‘hermetica’ is derived from the Hermetic doctrine and aims to consider the scientific, sensory and satiating elements that make up the food that nourishes us.

The creator is a final-year Human Nutrition student at La Trobe University and Nutrition Major from Deakin University located in Melbourne, Australia.




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  1. László Varga says:

    Dear Ms. Abou-Antoun,

    I have just read a study of yours entitled “Enumeration and strain identification of probiotics in Australian commercial food products” on ResearchGate. Has this manuscript been published in any journal? If so, could you please give me the details of the paper (i.e., year of publication, name of journal, volume, page ranges)? Thank you very much for your kind co-operation.

    Best regards,

    László Varga
    Full Professor
    Department of Food Science
    Széchenyi István University
    15-17 Lucsony Street
    9200 Mosonmagyaróvár


    1. Stephanie Abou-Antoun says:

      Hi Lazlo

      It is currently unpublished, but may be officaly published in 2017 (it will be submitted to a journal in Febuary or there abouts). So keep an eye out on Researchgate or Food Hermetica’s facebook or instagram for these details in future.

      Thanks for reading!


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