A Chocolate-free Easter Menu

Happy Healthy Easter!

Just when you’ve recovered from the binge of Christmas treats (we have a list of healthy Christmas treats, too!), here comes Easter. Everyone gives chocolate as gifts and then there’s the after-Easter chocolate sales! You don’t have to give up chocolate entirely, but with all the chocolate left, right and centre, it’s nice to give your stomach and taste buds a break.

Below is a compilation of a few chocolate-free recipes. These healthy Easter treats are just as enjoyable for the kids, or modifiable for the adults. Then when you do finally reach for the chocolate, it’ll be all the sweeter.

Marbled Easter Eggs

The kids will love peeling these eggs to reveal the cool cracked pattern on the inside, or arranged as a side dish or entrée to impress your grown-up friends. Eggs are rich in omega-3s, protein and 11 vitamins and minerals (read all about how fantastic eggs are here) and not a drop of sugar in sight!

marbled eggs
Marbled Easter Eggs. Source: Loldamn.com

Easter Chicks

Kiddie Foodies brings you another variation of an Easter treat using eggs, though this one may test your sculpting skills.

Easter Chicks. Source: Kiddie Foodies

Easter Fruit Kabobs

Using cookie cutters, get creative with some fruit! As Easter falls in Autumn or Spring around the world, make use of the fruits that are seasonally available. In Australia, many fruits are available at the end of Summer/early Autumn. Check out this seasonal guide for what fruits are available. Be sustainable as well as healthy.

fruit kabobs
Easter Fruit Kabobs. Source: Momlifemusthaves.com

Whole Wheat Easter Bunny Rolls

Skip the white bread dinner rolls and make some cute whole wheat or multigrain bunny rolls instead. A little extra fibre will help that Sunday roast go down well.

Whole Wheat Bunny Rolls. Source: Dessertnowdinnerlater.com

But of course, a little bit of chocolate never hurt anyone. Everything in moderation, including moderation. Happy Easter!

What are your favourite healthy Easter treats?
Share your recipes in the comment box below.

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