Healthy Christmas Treats

Christmas can be a dreaded time of year. Not because of family or travel woes (although there’s that too) but because of the overwhelming presence of the ‘bad foods’.

To begin, know that there is no such thing as a ‘bad food’. This kind of mentality does not establish a rational relationship with food. It is perfectly healthy, yes healthy, to have a treat occasionally. Emphasis on ‘occasionally’.

‘Treat yo’ self’ has become too much a part of our daily dialogue, and at Christmas time it is all too easy to over indulge. Chocolates, cakes, lollies, alcohol, you name it, are crammed on to store shelves and are given as gifts. There is no escape.

But be strong! Walk past the stacks of chocolates in the supermarket and go straight to the fresh produce isle to pick up your ingredients. Here are a few recipes that prove you can include real food in a Christmas-themed spread that your relatives will be jealous of. Simply click on the link to be taken to the recipe.

For appetizers, try these recipes which will prove to be a hit with the kids and adults alike.

Cucumber Christmas Tree

Source: Children Kookshop

Egg Snowman

Source: Roxy’s Kitchen

For dessert, try these fruit based ideas which are sure to make Santa’s Nice List.

Strawberry Santas

strawberry santas.jpg
Source: Healthy Food Guide

Fruit Christmas Tree

fruit tree.jpg
Source: The Whoot

Each of these recipes will give you a vitamin and protein boost to keep your tummy feeling fresh and full. And they count towards your daily serves of fruit of veg!

What is your favorite healthy Christmas treat?
Share your recipe in the comment box below.


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