The Fabs and Flops of Intermittent Fasting

Poorly studied fasting diets are doing the rounds. So is it good or bad news for dieters? Fasting diets look promising but aren’t without their risks.

Baby’s First Food

What food should you feed your growing baby? When should you start? Let’s look at the infants first foods together.

A Chocolate-free Easter Menu

Happy Healthy Easter! Just when you’ve recovered from the binge of Christmas treats (we have a list of healthy Christmas treats, too!), here comes Easter. Everyone gives chocolate as gifts and then there’s the after-Easter chocolate sales! You don’t have to give up chocolate entirely, but with all the chocolate left, right and centre, it’s…

Detox Diets

Should you be on a detox? It’s a few days after Christmas. You came, you saw, you ate, then ate some more. Now the guilt is setting in, you feel bloated, sluggish and the plumbing isn’t running smoothly. Or perhaps you told yourself, “I’ll eat what I want, it doesn’t matter. I’ll just go on…

Healthy Christmas Treats

Christmas can be a dreaded time of year. Not because of family or travel woes (although there’s that too) but because of the overwhelming presence of the ‘bad foods’. To begin, know that there is no such thing as a ‘bad food’. This kind of mentality does not establish a rational relationship with food. It…

Nutrition and Lactation

Eat a range of fruit and vegetables, grains and protein to keep your body going and to ensure that your breast milk is jam-packed with goodness!

Fructose Intolerance

Is fructose good or bad? Well, that all depends on how you metabolise fructose. Click to read more.

Going Gluten-Free

Are you Coeliac, gluten intolerant or just gluten-curious? Find out the pros and cons of gluten-free products.